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Remembrance 2022

This Remembrance we found ourselves reuniting with our friends at the Orillia Public Library as part of the Orillia Public Library's award-winning Remembrance Event.

THANK-YOU to the Dieppe Blue Beach Every Man RememberedThe Battlefield Tours + Orillia Public Library for a truly beautiful remembrance weekend. And as for the collections by Mark Cadeau and Carl Black for bringing their impressive collections.

It was so great to see so many of you today - some of you we haven't seen in years - we laughed a lot, we cried too, and we hugged people in real life real hard. We wanted to give huge love to Jayne Poolton-Turvey a thank-you so so much, for connecting all of these incredible people with personal stories of what their loved ones experienced - it takes huge work to pull this all together over the years, and it's beautiful work.

After two years, the Orillia Public Library Remembrance Event was BACK. With brand new displays and interactive activities, exhibit rooms will feature Canadian military uniforms, artifacts, and memorabilia from 1867 to the present day. This year, a special display honoring the 80thanniversary of the Dieppe Raid was the highlight.

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