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Honouring Bud Weeks, Remembrance 2022

For Remembrance Day this year, Sam & Ian joined Bud's daughter in a visit to see Bud's resting place

Alfred E. “Bud” Weeks, born Feb. 6, 1922, survived the Great Depression, before enlisting in the Canadian Army (Active), Armoured Corps on Sept. 8, 1942 with rank of Trooper. He was discharged on Mar. 12, 1946.

He trained as a radio operator in tanks in Canada and England before being sent to France 48 days after D-Day. He took part in Operation Tractable which began on the 14th of Aug. 1944 and then continued on through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany by the end of the war.

After the war, he returned home and was married to my mom, Mable, on the 6th of Apr. 1946. They were married for 70 years until Mom died in Oct. of 2016 at age of 94. They raised 4 children, had 4 grandchildren and have soon to be 4 great-grandchildren. He was the best Dad he could be.

He became a tool and die maker and worked very hard his whole life before he was able to retire at age 63. Mom and Dad spent some winters in Florida, which he loved, and travelled as much as they could with Dad returning “overseas” as many times as possible, the last being in 2015. He made it his mission to make the best and most of every minute of his life until his dying day, he wanted nothing more than to have another holiday trip with his family.

He was very proud of being a surviving veteran and made sure the memories and names of his lost comrades and their experiences were passed on to his children and everyone around him. Those men are like long-lost “uncles” to us. He was always very proud of the family that he and Mom made and was the best Dad. He had led a very full and accomplished life until he passed at age 96 on the 6th of Sept. 2018.

Today we honour Bud Weeks, a friend, dad, and soldier. We thank him for his service and sacrifice. Bud. We will always remember you.

Watch more of Bud:

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