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D-Day 78: Live Events and Resources

Yesterday marked 78 years since the largest, most complicated amphibious landing in human history took place. It marked the beginning of the end in Northwest Europe.

The enormity of the plan behind invasion is hard to fathom - it's impact, even more-so. The world as we know it for decades to come was decided on the fields and beaches of Normandy.

The mission required over 7,000 Naval Vessels, 4,000 Allied bombers, and 14,000 Canadian troops landed on the shores on the first day alone; June 6th 1944. Minesweepers navigated the channel meticulously. Pipelines were set along the sea floor, and artificial harbours were slowly towed across, then assembled under enemy fire.

Today some the remnants in this mammoth mission lie as they were left - a stoic reminder that 78 years was not that long ago.

The Juno Beach Centre in Courseulles-sur-Mer, was host to the 78th ceremony events for Canadian veterans, families and friends and dignitaries. A livestream of the event can be viewed on their facebook page. Heartfelt speeches were given, veteran stories were shared, and toasts were had. The day was beautiful!

There were many other wonderful organizations and individuals who hosted live events for D-Day 78 - our good friend Brad St. Croix hosted some fun livestreams with some familiar faces in the historical community - and of course, Canada House shared their livestream of events on facebook and it is a must-see.

Thank you to all for sharing these beautiful tributes online!

If you would like to see more, click above to read through our free D-Day 78 E-book filled with new reading suggestions, links to live events, beautiful imagery, and other resource to explore and learn from.

We are looking forward to getting back to the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy to see their new Dieppe 80 exhibition "From Juno to Dieppe" as a part of our upcoming Dieppe 80 Anniversary Tour with Glenn Edmonds, Sam Cowan, Jayne Poolton, & David O'Keefe!

Join us in a celebration as we reunite with our Dieppe friends and families. There's still a bit of time so if you're thinking of joining us, we welcome you!


Lastly, most importantly, June 6th gives us the opportunity to thank all of the veterans of the Second World War who have shared so much with us over the years.

On June 6th, we took the time to reflect and toast the men and women we've had the pleasure of working with. Some of their names, among many, are listed below. We honour them today, and every day.

The Battlefield Tours of Canada works to support our Canadian veterans. Help us support their efforts in the world's current conflicts:

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