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THE UK to D-Day 80 Tour

London Blitz - D Day Embarkation and D Day Tour

with Dieppe WW1 Somme/Vimy/Ypres

Driving through the Bocage of Normandy

June 1st - June 12th

The highly prestigious Royal Highland Regiment of Canada (The Black Watch), one of Canada's most famous regiments, were virtually wiped out during "Operation Spring" on July 25th, 1944 - but their remarkable story of strength, tragedy, and determination against all odds doesn't end here.

Join us, with lead tour guide, historian and professor David O'Keefe, and special guest guide Joël Stoppels on this special journey retracing the footsteps of Canada's most prestigous regiments from the beaches of Normandy to the Liberation in Groningen. 

David O'Keefe.jpeg

tours led by David O'Keefe

David O'Keefe served as an infantry officer in the Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch of Canada) in Montreal and was later employed as their official historian for nearly a decade - who better to lead us on this much anticipated tour?

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The UK to D-Day 80 Tour Info

Destinations:  Dieppe, WW1 Somme/Vimy/Ypres
Tour Dates: June 1st - June 12th, 2024

Flight departure: [June 1st, to London] 
Flight return: [June 12th, from Brussels]

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