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Day 6: Bud talks to us about the sherman tank - and meets a vet from the "Soupie" regiment

There's not much more to say - you just absoloutely have to watch the video I recorded of Glenn, & Bud explaining to us all the sherman tank at the memorial at Woensdrecht. What an incredible meeting!!!

This video provides a shocking explanation of the Battle of the Scheldt. It was one of the most devestating battles in the history of the Second World War. With no food or water, the loss was devestating, the safety limited, and the sleep even moreso. It makes me want to stand beside George every day - knowing that he had been involved in this devastating hardship to liberate our freedom - I realize more and more each day just how unbelieveably lucky my parents, myself, and the next generation are to have these men take on this inconcievable role. It's a heart breaking thing to understand, this particular battle - and Glenn's explanation is one I will never forget.


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