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Our local favourite, The Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam

A wonderful hello from our friends at The Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam to share online goodies for those of us who can’t visit them just yet.

The Lloyd Hotel is a favorite of ours for both our personal travels, individual travellers and small groups. For those of you on the pre-tour to Amsterdam, this is the wonderful property we’ll be staying in when it’s safe to travel again.

Our goal at The Battlefield Tours with all of our suppliers is to work directly with local businesses that share our same passion for both history and sustainability, and the Lloyd does that and so much more! They’re centrally located along the historic IJ, they pride themselves on serving local, organic, cuisine and their meticulously handpicked decor showcases their vibrant history.

In these COVID times, the Lloyd Hotel has come out with both a documentary and a series of images from their historic past to share with the world.

“Just because we have to keep our doors closed for now, does not mean we won’t keep telling our story” their marketing manager Judi told me in our call.

About the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

^ The historic entree of the Lloyd Hotel

The Lloyd Hotel is a gathering of individuals, in all shapes and sizes, who share a love for Amsterdam and the need to make you feel at home. Their historic building, located on the IJ river in Amsterdam, is filled with unique rooms in surprising styles, arranged to the utmost detail. The Lloyd Hotel is the first 1-to-5 star hotel in the world, accommodating everyone from backpackers to business travellers and locals in need of a break.

In 1996, the City of Amsterdam organized a competition for new hotel plans. The Eastern Docklands area was designated to become a prestigious area for living and working and the Lloyd Hotel had to fit in. In 2004, Lloyd Hotel re-opened as the first 1-to-5 star hotel in the world, after a massive renovation. The building was transformed into a hotel that is easily accessible for everyone, from residents of the area, to artists, to travellers, to businessmen.

The Rooms

^ A 3* comfort room

Each unique room has a fun feature - one room for example has a 7-person bed, another has a swing, and another is a famous Bas Kosters design. You can even find a grand piano in one of the 5* style rooms!

The measurements of each room may be different, but the service is the same for everyone. Fantastic, comfortable beds with downy duvets, free WiFi, a special gift package, some of our favourite information, and 24hour room service is available for all.

^ A 4* superior tourist class room

^ Another 4* superior tourist class room

The Food

The Lloyd is local, and so is their food. All dishes are prepared in house and their ever-changing menu caters to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. They use local and organic wherever possible, with influences from around the globe. From the first bite in the morning until the last drink at night, the Lloyd finds the best way to cater to everyone's needs. Three-quarters of the menu consists of vegetarian dishes that can often be arranged for vegans as well. The Lloyd Restaurant is open every day from 7am until midnight, and outside you’ll find a large south-facing terrace, a hidden gem in the neighborhood!

Every stone has its story

The story of the Lloyd Hotel begins in 1921, when a hotel for emigrants was opened along the Oostelijke Handelskade. Its architect was Evert Breman, who was commissioned by the Royal Dutch Lloyd, the first shipping company to establish an emigrant’s service to South America in the eastern docklands.

Lloyd Hotel was designed to cope with 900 people at a time. The ground floor, with its high ceilings, housed a dining room that could seat 350 guests. In addition there was a shop and a large residents’ lounge. Adjoining was a kosher kitchen, and a room to accommodate 52 Jewish guests. There were separate dormitories for men and women, with family quarters in the side wing, and a small sick bay.

Between 1921 and 1923, a separate Quarantine centre was built at the east side of Lloyd Hotel. Here, immigrants had a first medical examination and their luggage and clothes were decontaminated. It is now a monument which has been turned into artists’ studios and an art gallery café.

When the Royal Dutch Lloyd went bankrupt in 1935, the city of Amsterdam became the owner of the building. In 1939 it was used as a refugee camp for Jewish people.

During World War II, from the February Strike of 1941 onwards, the Germans used the Lloyd Hotel as a detention centre. After the war the building continued to be used as a prison. Among the first inmates were the Dutch collaborators with the occupiers.

From 1964 - 1989 the building served as a prison for young offenders, and from 1989 to 2001 it functioned as a place for artists to live and work, before the City finally decided to bring back the building's past life as a hotel for all.

A Free Exhibition

In the classic stairwells of the Lloyd Hotel, you can explore the permanent exhibition ‘Lloyd History’ which tells the story of its colorful past in photos. You'll discover on this walk a movie from 1928, letters, poems, documents and other objects. The exhibition can be visited at all times and is free of charge to all guests.

An Update from the Lloyd in these Covid-19 times

With lockdowns around the world, the Lloyd hotel has shifted their attention to shutting down and redesigning each and every room. The new furniture will be warm, colourful and refreshing. New beds for the entire property have been purchased from Auping, their mattress

supplier since 1921.

The restaurant and the terrace were renovated in 2018, but it will also see cleaning and upgrades through 2020. The new interior is modern vintage with a nod to art deco.

What they promise to keep is their quirky character in the iconic building which is already full of stories. They will be changing and adding to their exhibitions, and plan to introduce future guests to local talent, and vice versa.

Creativity, curiosity and diversity will remain their top priority, and they can't wait to welcome us back.

Join our Amsterdam Pre-Tour on the Liberation Programs to stay in this wonderful hotel! Looking for more information? Go to to find out more!

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