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Legacy at Talbot House - Every Man's Club

Welcome to Talbot House - your home away from home

In this special recording, Simon shares with Sam what his experiences have been like since taking over the historic legacy that is Talbot House - Every Man's Club.

We talked about the importance of Talbot House, what Talbot House been like without the visitors they normally receive, and what exciting things we can expect when we get back to visit.

We also shared ways that YOU can get involved with the Talbot Housian Association and ways we can connect with their incredible Community online in these lockdown times.

A note to Caribou Trail 2022 Travellers!

Are you looking to travel on the Caribou Trail Tour to Gallipoli in 2022? Did you know that this tour ends at Talbot House in Poperinge? This tour will be our first trip back to see Simon & our friends at Talbot House, where we will enjoy a great celebration, made complete with a huge picnic lunch made with all of the love from local shop and farm produce. Take a look here to learn more.


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Post By: Samantha Cowan

Outbound Operations Manager Connection Custom Travel Inc. & The Battlefield Tours of Canada

After receiving her bachelor's in Tourism Management at Ryerson University, Samantha continued her training as a hiking apprentice in Banff National Park. In 2013 she took on the role of Sales & Program Management for Handa Travel (Toronto), leading travel programs as large as 150+ to Cuba. She began working with the Connection Tours team in Toronto in 2014, guiding Canadians back to the UK, Europe & South East Asia on special interest programs such as The Battlefield Tours of Canada.

Today, Samantha resides in Saskatoon, Canada, where she writes a host of special interest custom tours for travel agencies across Canada & the US. She also hosts various webinars, as well as the Battlefield Tours of Canada Blog and Youtube Channel. She also contributes to several podcasts (see Dan Carlin's Hardcore History), and offers guest speaking on a variety of projects she comes across from her work with Connection Tours.



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