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An honour to see: Such respect and gratitude. Bud Weeks and the rest of our Tour - Day 3

Today, the group explored Bloody Omaha focusing on 'Easy Red', ironically, one of the worst sectors of the disembarkment. The group walked along the coast to the existing Battery at La Chaos before viewing the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches.

Lunch at the Juno Beach Centre was certainly the highlight of the day as our dear friend, Canadian Veteran, a radio operator in the 4th Armoured Brigade Bud Weeks drew not only a crowd, but his own personal piper, who has been honoured to meet and escort him before visiting Bernieres sur Mer to pay respects. Hearing the stories of men who now lie in the Canadian cemetery of Beny-sur-Mer was an extraordinary experience.

In the afternoon they followed the Canadian Advance and a visit to Abbaye d' Ardennes where Kurt Meyer's 12th SS executed 20 Canadian POWs. The day finished at Verrieres Ridge, the scene of the Black Watch sacrifice during the Operation Spring.

Another emotional yet powerful day for the group - I recieved a quick email from Ian before bed, and although a quick email, this picture speaks volumes. We appreciate the pictures and stories so far, thank you. A special thanks also to the Juno Beach Center who posted a note about Bud and the group today on their Facebook page.

More photographs of their past few days to follow

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