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List of all First World War Memorials to Canada

Across Belgium and France, there are thirteen First World War Memorials honoring soley our troops from both Canada and Newfoundland. 1. The Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial, France You might know this Memorial from the iconic Caribou standing proudly representing the Canadians, specifically honoring Newfoundlanders with no known grave. About Beaumont-Hamel 2. Bourlon Wood Memorial, France In the final push of war in 1918, this memorial commemorates the Canadians involved in the Canal du Nord attack. CWGC: About Bourlon Wood Memorial 3. Canadian National Vimy Memorial, France Marks the site of the Battle of Vimy Ridge of April 1917. It commemorates all Canadians who served in the War. CWGC: About Vimy Memorial 4. Courcelette Memorial, France Pays dramatic tribute to the Canadians tho successfully pushed back the Germans in the impossible fight in the Battle of the Somme. CWGC: About Courcelette Memorial 5. Coutrai Newfoundland Memorial, Belgium Respects here, are paid to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment who crossed the Lys River in October 1918. Wiki: About Coutrai Memorial 6. Dury Canadian Memorial, France Honours the Canadians who forced German withdrawal after a month of attack in August 1918. Wiki: About Dury Memorial 7. Gueudecourt Memorial, France Marks the land the Newfoundlanders managed to assist in the capture of a significnat German position in a major clash during the Battle of the Somme: The Battle of Le Transloy. WW1 Cemeteries: About Gueudecourt Memorial 8. Hill 62 (In Sanctuary Wood) Memorial, Belgium To the Canadians that fought insistently between April to August 1917 to keep the last remaining piece of Belgium out of German hands. Wiki: About Hill 62 9. Le Quesnel Canadian Memorial, France Pays homage to the successes of the Canadians who drove the Germans back 13 kilometers in August 1918. Wiki: About Le Quesnel 10. Masnieres Newfoundland Memorial, France Recalls the Newfoundland Regiment's sacrifices during the Battle of Cambrai in November and December 1917. Wiki: About Masnieres 11. Monchy-le-Preux Memorial, Belgium Marks where Newfoundlanders managed to overthrow German counter attacks during an offensive in April 1917. Wiki: About Monchy-le-Preux 12. Passchendaele Canadian Memori

al, Belgium Honours the horrific scene of the Second Battle of Passchendaele between October and November 1917. Wiki: About Vimy Ridge Memorial 13. Saint Julien Canadian Memorial, Belgium

Where 18,000 Canadians experienced the first gas attacks in the battlefields of Ypres in April 1915. Wiki: About Saint Julien Memorial

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