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The Netherlands unveils our new gift to Toronto at 4:15pm today - Caution: this isn't your ordin

In 1945, the Netherlands sent Ottawa over 100,000 tulip bulbs in appreciation for all of the efforts made by the Canadians to achieve Holland's liberation. From fighting on the ground, to protecting the exiled royal family members during the war, the Canadians had embraced tremendous efforts to recover the freedom of the Netherlands from Nazi Germany.

70 years have passed since the Canadians succeeded, and today [Friday May 28th, 2015], the Netherlands and their Royal family, having never forgotten what Canada had done for them and their country, will come back to Canada to give us another gift of tulips.

The tulips hit the front page of the Metro News & Toronto Star this morning. Turns out, their gift of tulips wouldn't be any ordinary tulips...

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will be visiting the Toronto Islands today to unveil these new 'tulips' that aren't just eye catching to look at, but come with ergonomic lower back support to boot! The King and Queen's official state visit will be presenting us with seven orange "Tulip" chairs to commemorate the 70th Anniversary since the Liberation of the Netherlands.

From afar, they look like giant tulips on stainless steel stems- but when you pull on the bright orange plastic 'petal', the seat folds out.

Dutch designer Marco Manders from Utrecht, Holland was inspired to design the charis after an epiphany. He was tired of cleaning off benches that were wet and dirty from the weather. And so began the idea of "Tulip Chairs": A chair with a beautiful, practical shape.

At the Centre Island ferry dock, today at 4:15pm, our Mayor John Tory, will officially accept this special gift that has been placed in the perfect position to view the whole breathtaking view of Toronto’s skyline.

If you're in Ottawa you will be able to see more of these tulip chairs in Ottawa's international airport.

I'm excited to take the ferry over to the islands this weekend and see sit in the chairs myself - I will provide a full report upon my return! Read the full article here.

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