Great news from the Liberation organizations overseas this week!

The Liberation 75 organizations have agreed to postpone their ceremonies and events for the same dates in May 2021. Some details are still just becoming available, but we will continue to work with our hotels and the Government overseas in building a revised Liberation 75 program for next year. We continue to be cautious - there are still many unknowns for the world at present, but we are ecstatic with this news and grateful for the support.


In other news, there have been several other changes this week including the closing of the DH Tour office as per the Ontario shutdowns, which were put into place on Tuesday night. We will all continue to work from home, and Karen is still processing your administration. We are doing our very best in these circumstances to continue to provide communication with you, but do expect it to take longer than normal for us to get back to you. We appreciate your patience!


 In the meantime, we still encourage you to:


  • Take your 50% Refund. Those who haven't cancelled with us yet can still receive their 50% refund on this program. We understand that many other tour operators and airlines are providing travel vouchers and credits for future travel instead - and while this is great, we want to offer you the option to take whatever costs are currently recoverable to you in these financially uncertain times. Simply send an email to karen@dhtour.ca to request.


  • We will continue to work towards providing goodwill to all travellers on all (4) Liberation 75 programs. Our cancellation policy will stand firm at a 50% refund - but, we are continuing to work with our suppliers on what further goodwill we can provide for all travellers on the 2021 program. Again, with so many unknowns and Government involvement, this will take much time and negotiation, but we are working on it! We appreciate your patience as we work on your alternatives, and in the meantime, again, we encourage all travellers to look into cancellation now and enquire about what insurance options you have available to you.


  • Not sure if you have insurance coverage to reclaim the non-recoverable portions of this trip? It is important that you check with your credit card, work policy, and/or bank. Every insurance policy is different - and we cannot advise what your independent insurance packages can offer as reimbursement.

We will continue to work with the Liberation Organizations, our hotels, the Dutch & Canadian Governments as well as the 005 Dutch-Canadian Legion Team and the Europe Remembers Organization to build a 2021 program. We will continue to keep you posted on a weekly basis, every Friday, at the end of the day, including those travellers who have already cancelled. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. In the meantime, my best to all. I look forward to continuing my updates to you from my home here in Saskatoon!


Take good care, my friends.



Samantha Cowan

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