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Travel Safety Is Our First Priority

While we are eager to begin travelling again, there are standards and protocols that we must follow as we resume our tour programs. We have been corresponding with Health Canada, as well as the health regulators in every country we visit, planning for the new and updated guidelines. Please rest assured that as a company that specializes in battlefield tours, the health, safety, and peace of mind of our travellers is by far our top priority. We are committed to being the best-in-class when it comes to your health and safety and will adhere to enhanced health protocols to ensure carefree travel.  


As you do begin to tour again, it’s important to stay informed of the Covid-19 situation at your destination. When the time comes for your trip, it may still be recommended (or required) to use personal protective measures like wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing where possible.

You may book your tour now knowing that if you are not comfortable with any travel restrictions or requirements, or the situation at your destination, you may cancel up to 70 days prior to the trip and receive a full refund less your $300 non-refundable deposit, which you can fully credit to another tour program at any date. This special policy will be in effect until December 30, 2022. 

Air Canada has launched portable self-administered Covid-19 test kits allowing passengers to test themselves while abroad, prior to their return flight to Canada – meeting federal government testing requirements without the need to visit foreign Covid-19 testing clinics. We expect that most airlines will offer the same tests. Please note that should any kind of Covid testing be required, either before or during your tour, we will assist you through the process, however, because we don’t yet know if testing will be necessary, the cost of the testing (possibly between $70 and $170 each time) is not included in our tour prices.

The Canadian government is planning to introduce a standardized proof of vaccination for domestic and international travel in the coming months. One clear system will help facilitate seamless and consistent travel and border openings around the world.

We continually monitor the news from the world’s leading health organizations in order to keep you safe, as well as help you plan your travel by keeping you informed of the changing environment and policies. Rest assured, while we’re excited to take you on unforgettable adventures, we’ll always ensure your health and safety are priority #1.

We will continue to constantly monitor the directives of the Public Health Agency of Canada, the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDS), the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the The International Air Transport Association (IATA)

​Enhanced Health & Safety Highlights:

  • Our Tour Managers are trained in enhanced health and safety protocols, and to deal with any situation that arises. They will monitor the well-being of all our travellers and will ensure that all hotels, restaurants, and attractions adhere to health protocols.

  • All coaches have undergone thorough sanitizing before the tour starts, daily and throughout the tour. Hand sanitizer will always be accessible on the coach. The majority of our coaches have ozone air filtration systems that inject a flow of fresh air, renewing the air in the entire cabin on a regular basis.

  • Each of our hotels must pass all health and safety requirements. We will only work with hotel, transportation, meal, and activity suppliers that are compliant with enhanced hygiene standards as mandated by local regulations, in line with best practices.

  • We anticipate that a vaccination certificate will be necessary to enter any foreign country, and may indeed be necessary to board an aircraft to any destination. These regulations will be clearly indicated by the governing countries and we will ensure all of the information and necessary documentation is shared with you before you decide to travel.

  • Vaccination against Covid-19 will be required to participate in any Battlefield Tour, and proof of such is required by all air carriers. Failure to do so will result in your cancellation, and you will be subject to the standard schedule of cancellation fees listed in our Terms & Conditions.

  • If you're intending to travel on one of our tours, we highly recommend that you be vaccinated as soon as possible. We anticipate that all of our travellers will be vaccinated, thus providing a safe environment for all of our valued clients. We recommend all travellers purchase a Comprehensive Insurance Package that includes full coverage for COVID-19, for example, Manulife now provides COVID-19 Coverage for all of their travellers. Here is more information about the plan and here is their COVID-19 Frequently asked questions.

Travel Insurance is recommended

While out-of-country travel insurance is mandatory on all Battlefield Programs, we also strongly recommend looking at Trip Interruption and Trip Cancellation insurance options to ensure complete protection - Manulife Global Travel Insurance now provides COVID-19 Coverage for all of their travellers.

Click here for Our Guide to COVID-19 Travel Insurance or click here for more information about the Manulife plan

Click here for their COVID-19 Frequently asked questions.

Cancellation Protection

For your Peace of Mind

Rest assured, you can book your Battlefield experiences with peace of mind - we will continue to offer a flexible refund policy for all international tours departing by December 30th, 2022. 

Should a Canadian Travel Advisory be in effect against non-essential travel to the destinations we travel to, we will postpone the entire tour to the same dates for the following year. This will be determined 90-75 days prior to the tour's departure.

We will contact you 75 days prior to the trip to explain the health protocols necessary as well as the current situation at your destination - at that point, you may decide if you want to proceed on with the tour program.


  • If necessary, we will contact you about 75 days prior to the trip to fully explain which health protocols will be necessary for your tour, as well as the current situation at your destination. At that point, you may decide, at your sole discretion, if you want to proceed on the tour.

  • If you inform us by 70 days prior to departure for international tours that you choose not to go, we will send you an immediate full refund of your payment, less your $300 deposit, which is fully creditable to another tour program at any date.

  • If you choose to proceed with the tour, we highly recommend purchasing a Comprehensive Insurance Package, including cancellation coverage in case of emergency illness or injury, right up to your date of departure.

  • If you cancel your international tour less than 70 days prior to departure, for any reason not covered in our Cancellation Policy, we have negotiated with our travel partners to significantly reduce our cancellation fees. See our Terms & Conditions for details.

What Travel Documents do I need?
Preparing for Departure in a Post-Covid World

The Battlefield Tour Documents

Approximately 2 weeks before your scheduled departure, you will receive a digital package containing a detailed itinerary, hotel list, pick-up information, and a name tag in what we a digital MAP KIT.

Always check the spelling of your name on any documentation you receive. Your travel documents must match the legal name on your passport or birth certificate. You may be denied entry to a country or boarding on a plane if your documentation does not match. 

*Visit for advisories and essential information for Canadians travelling overseas.

A valid passport is required for all travel outside of Canada.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your passport is up to date. Many countries require that a passport be valid for 6 months after your planned departure date from that country. If you are travelling on a Canadian passport please ensure that your passport is valid for this time period beyond your expected return to Canada.


If you are travelling outside of Canada and you are holding a non-Canadian passport, please consult our office as to the requirements of entering your destination country. You may be required to obtain a Visa or Visa Waiver permission.


We recommend that you make two photocopies of your passport identification page. Leave one copy with a trusted friend or relative who is not travelling with you, and keep the other copy with you when you travel and leave it in a safe place separate from your passport.

Health & Safety


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