"It was unlike any experience I've had as a Canadian. Walking on the ground our forefathers fought and died on was by far the most invigorating opportunity in my life."


- Daniel Thompson, Battlefield Traveller, 2006

Welcome to the Battlefield Tours

Over 30 years ago, Battlefield Tours Director & CEO, Ian Cowan, took his passion for war history and envisioned a new way to understand, honour and remember the sacrifices Canadian families had endured - sacrifices of which many are still greatly remembered in destinations around the world.


Ian used his knowledge of the battlefields to encourage and lead Canadian veterans and their families on many important journeys back to the Battlefields. 

Today, Ian and his Battlefield Tours team continue to offer Canadians an opportunity to visit battlefields around the world, sharing not just a scarred landscape - but a rich history, a deep understanding,
and a priceless connection to our human story. 



Learn more about The Battlefield Tours of Canada team, the organisations that support us, our beginnings, and our values today

- Upcoming Tours - 

The Liberation 75 + 2 Anniversary Tours / Spring 2022

Join us, May 2022, for the 75th +2 Anniversary events, as we give our thanks and remembrance to the Canadian veterans who liberated Europe from the Second World War.


the Full Tour
Liberation 75th
 to Holland

APR 25 - MAY 10, 2022


Holland Only

Liberation 75th

the Holland Liberation

MAY 01 - MAY 10, 2022


Post Tour Extension
Liberation 75th

the Road to Berlin

MAY 10 - MAY 15, 2022


Custom Pre-Tour Extension
Liberation 75th

APR 28 - MAY 02, 2022

Proudly Serving Those Who Have Served for Us

For over 30 years, the Battlefield Tours have been providing Canadian war veterans and their families with the opportunity to return to battlefields around the world.

We were fortunately wrong to think that visitors to the battlefields of Europe would dwindle after the memories of the war veterans and their presence on tour had faded. Today, the battlefields are being experienced by participants of all ages from many different walks of life.  All with one thing in common – the desire to understand and pay tribute to the men and women who fought and paid the final sacrifice. 


The focus today is to continue to honour the men and women that we had the honour of meeting over the past 30 years - by retracing their footsteps and sharing our priceless knowledge, resource and history with travellers like you, keen on understanding the battlefields that scar Europe, Great Britain, and beyond. 

Canadian Battlefield Travel since 1986...

Safety & Security

The Battlefield Tours works directly with trusted suppliers. Our host agency is Tico certified, meaning you can count on consumer protection.


All prices are listed as with option for air & single supplement. Pricing all includes all entrances, accommodation, and more (as listed in inclusions) 

Custom Guides & Resource

Enjoy exploring information before your trip, with a custom 30+ pg. PDF info kit related to your journey explore some samples

Travel Assistance 

Special services and arrangements can be offered for any and all travellers who require mobile assistance. Special services can also be provided for Canadian Student & Military groups.

Expert Design 

All itineraries are designed by our experienced team with the help host destinations and local communities

Our direct partnerships means you have the flexibility to add on an extension to your travels and more

Custom Programs 
For private groups, & special request extensions, or add-ons

Complimentary Consultations

From the Maritimes to the West Coast, we encourage organizations, and schools, to delve into our history across the Battlefields. Let us show you what we can offer.

Find out what travel opportunities exist for historians, Cadet groups, members of the Legion, and Canadian students  

Learn more about our team, our methods, and the story behind our decades of advocacy

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