"It was unlike any experience I've had as a Canadian. Walking on the ground our forefathers fought and died on was by far the most invigorating opportunity in my life."


- Daniel Thompson, Battlefield Traveller, 2006

Small group tours with big stories to tell.

Explore a wide range of intriguing tour programs, driven by the important history that we share on battlefields around the world. 


These small group departures cover a variety of subjects spanning from the coastal defences of Normandy to the secrets behind Churchill's underground bunkers in London, to the anti-tank fields of the Shetlands, to conflicts further afield such as in Vietnam, and Cambodia.


Products range from custom tours, to privately led family tours, to self-drive itineraries, to educational, military and special interest groups, to our fully fledged public tour collection which is open to both the public and travel agents alike. 



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Exploring the Battlefields with David O'Keefe

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Historian and Professor David O’Keefe leads us on an expanded series of battlefield tours, next summer. Join us, as we follow in the footsteps of the Canadians in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the U.K. 

Alongside our regular team, drivers, and friends, we will re-connect with our wonderful local battlefield community in an exciting series of tailor-made battlefield programs with this legendary historian.

There are (4) Battlefield Tours to choose from:


5-Day with David O'Keefe

WW1 Canadian
Battlefield Tour

JUNE 17 - JUNE 22


10-Day with David O'Keefe

UK to Dieppe
Battlefield Tour

JULY 2 - JULY 11


w. O'Keefe & Joël Stoppels

The Black Watch
Battlefield Tour

JULY 12 - JULY 23


9-Day with David O'Keefe

Normandy to the UK
Battlefield Tour


Proudly Serving Those Who Have Served for Us

Since 1986, the Battlefield Tours have been providing Canadian war veterans and their families with the opportunity to return to battlefields around the world.

We were fortunately wrong to think that visitors to the battlefields of Europe would dwindle after the memories of the war veterans and their presence on tour had faded. Today, the battlefields are being experienced by participants of all ages from many different walks of life.  All with one thing in common – the desire to understand and pay tribute to the men and women who fought and paid the final sacrifice. 


The focus today is to continue to honour the men and women that we had the honour of meeting over the past 30 years - by retracing their footsteps and sharing our priceless knowledge, resource and history with travellers like you, keen on understanding the battlefields that scar Europe, Great Britain, and beyond. 

Canadian Battlefield Travel since 1986...

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Special services and arrangements can be offered for any and all travellers who require mobile assistance. Special services can also be provided for Canadian Student & Military groups.

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All itineraries are designed by our experienced team with the help host destinations and local communities

Our direct partnerships means you have the flexibility to add on an extension to your travels and more

Custom Programs 
For private groups, & special request extensions, or add-ons

Complimentary Consultations

From the Maritimes to the West Coast, we encourage organizations, and schools, to delve into our history across the Battlefields. Let us show you what we can offer.

Find out what travel opportunities exist for historians, Cadet groups, members of the Legion, and Canadian students  

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