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Edwin Popkin

In The Netherlands: Operation Market Garden, The Island, Battle of Overloon, Battle of the Scheldt, fighting Brabant, Winter on the Maas (incl Kapelsche Veer), Liberation NL in the Achterhoek, Twente, Veluwe area
- In Belgium/Luxembourg: Battle of the Bulge
- In Germany: Operation Veritable/Blockbuster, Operation Plunder/Varsity/Flashpoint, Remagen, Patton’s Rhine Crossings

I do driver-guide services, hop-on services, but also walking and bicycle tours

Edwin is a military historian with a Master degree in Military History from the University of Birmingham, UK. His interests are not only in military strategy and operations, but specifically in connections between events in 1944/45 and in the experience of war. Active in various areas of military history, Edwin is an all-round military historian and entrepreneur who is fluent in Dutch and English and is also proficient in German. He is an accredited member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides (badge nr. 93), a member of the Liberation Route Europe Guide Network, a guide member of Airborne Region and closely works with Brabant Remembers, a provincial WW2 remembrance organisation in The Netherlands.
He has a broad experience in guiding and organising tours He has experience guiding for any group size and caters for people with a interest in WW2, veterans and families, school groups and military groups. Edwin founded his own company Battlefield Discovery in 2012 and has run it since then but also works for different other local and foreign battlefield tourism operators.
Besides guiding, Edwin is also active as a historical consultant. In this capacity he has worked with tourist organisations, local governments, and media companies, providing them with historical content on projects or helping set up guide networks. He regularly delivers presentations or lectures. He made appearances in documentaries on Dutch television and on several WW2 related YouTube Channels such as WW2TV, Battleguide VT and Joel Stoppels Battlefield Tours, and has worked for international production companies on WW2 documentaries for Netflix, Yesterday Channel and Smithsonian Channel.

+31 6 2515.7463


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