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The Best Guidebook You Can Ever Have to the Fascinating Insights During the Great War at Westhoek

LIFE AT THE FRONT Traveling Little Paris and the Gateway to Hell - Welcome to the 'Westhoek'. The First World War left this entire area in utter devastation. Civilians returned, and brick by brick, they rebuilt. Traces of their past and their hardship remain. 100 years may have passed, but in this community, the war is a very important memory, and apart of every day life. The guides and tourist routes will help you discover what the 'Great War' truly meant to those who lived through it. There is immense support here to provide you with a fascinating insight, and pleasant stay. As for the route, the contrasts could not be greater. If starting in Poperinge, LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ROUTE - LINKS TO MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS REGION: WestHoek Wikipedia Page WestHoek Tourism Information

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