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David O'Keefe's
The UK to DIEPPE battlefield tour

- Bletchley Park - Portsmouth - Channel Crossing - Dieppe - 

with historian & professor David O’Keefe & Leger's Ben Mayne

Overview of Dieppe

Jul 02 - Jul 11

In the early waking hours of August 19th, 1942 - 5,000 Canadians, 1,000 British, and 50 US Army Rangers stormed Dieppe's coastline along six beaches. In less than 10 hours, a total of 3,367 out of the 6,086 were either killed, wounded, or captured. To walk the ground of Dieppe is to get the truest sense of this tragedy. 

On this tour, Historian and Professor David O’Keefe, will lead us on an expanded tour of Dieppe Uncovered - from the UK to Dieppe. This is a custom tour created for Canadians who wish to participate in an explorative tour alongside our experienced team.

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Dieppe Uncovered w. David O'Keefe

Join our long time Battlefield team, along with the guidance of professor and historian David O’Keefe throughout this tour 

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O'Keefe's UK to Dieppe Tour Info

Destinations:  UK, France
Tour Dates: July 2nd - July 11th

Flight departure: [July 1st, to Heathrow LHR] 
Flight return: [JULY 11th, from Paris CDG]

News & Updates about this tour

O'Keefe's UK to Dieppe Tour Map & Outline

Trou Map

^^^ Explore by scrolling through the cities we will be visiting, and zoom in to get familiar with where we will be visiting on this tour.


  • Join us to explore and honour the story of Dieppe - from the UK to Dieppe and all that lies in between

  • Enjoy beautiful, independent, superior class accommodation throughout our stay with our favourite hoteliers

  • Extended visits at Bletchley Park, Aldershot, and Dieppe - including a private orientation by CWGC staff at Brookwood Cemetery

  • A farewell dinner in Paris France at our favorite local family restaurant, Jardin du Notre Dame near the Notre Dame Cathedral

  • Executive coach transportation, with washrooms, air conditioning, and now ozone filtration!

  • Join our long time Battlefield team, along with the guidance of professor and historian David O’Keefe throughout the tour 

O'Keefe's UK to Dieppe | Itinerary


-- Friday, July 1st
Depart from Toronto’s Lester B Pearson International Airport for your flight to Heathrow. [Dinner and breakfast will be served onboard]

Day 1 | Saturday, July 2nd
Upon arrival into Heathrow, you will be welcomed by the team, including our guide, historian and professor David O’Keefe. We begin with a short journey to Windsor for lunch and a visit to the Commonwealth Air Force Memorial overlooking