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Damien Stewart

At Poland at War Tours, we offer tours to anywhere in Poland. Let us know where you would like to
go, and what you would like to experience, and we will be pleased to take you there.

Poland At War Tours offers a full range of tour services in Poland from our marque 14 Day Tour of
Poland focusing on WWII and the Holocaust to our 4 days city stopovers in Gdansk, Warsaw, and
Krakow to our single day walking and driving tours from Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw.
Poland at War Tours also offer tours to Auschwitz from both Warsaw and Krakow. If you would like
a tour tailored to your interests, we would be more than happy to prepare an itinerary that meets your
Poland At War Tours also provides a genealogical search service in Poland. Whether you might be
searching for information on a loved one, Polish heritage, Jewish heritage, a POW in the family, we
can conduct searches of the archives to see if we can find information for you.

Following a 20-year career as an Australian Police Officer, Damien completed master’s degrees in
psychology and entered the Psychology profession as a solo, private practice Psychologist in 2014. In
his practice, Damien has a special interest in working with current and ex-serving Police Officers and
Military personnel suffering from the psychological effects of their profession. Damien has also
served as the Convenor of the Australian Psychological Society’s Military and Emergency Services
Interest Group.
Damien has had an interest in military history since he was a little boy and in 2018, he had the
opportunity to complete a WWII tour of Poland and Germany. It was during this tour that Damien
became captivated by the incredible story of WWII in Poland, including the occupation of Poland, the
horror of the Holocaust, and the courageous resistance of the Poles. After returning to Poland many
times after his initial visit in 2018, Damien decided to create Poland At War Tours as a way of
honouring the many victims and heroes of this remarkable history.
Damien’s passion for the story of Poland during WWII has developed beyond the creation of Poland
at War Tours. Damien has collaborated with Polish institutions to provide presentations on the effect
of trauma on the Polish population post WWII. Damien is also pursuing a PhD on the experience of
intergenerational trauma within the Polish and Polish Jewish population following WWII. Damien has
also furthered his knowledge of the Holocaust by attaining two micro-credentials from Yad Vashem –
The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre in Israel: “Antisemitism: From its origins to the present” and “Teaching the Holocaust”.
The ethos of Poland at War Tours is to honour victims, celebrate heroes, but most importantly never

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