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The Summer 10/Day Program




Pictured Above: The new Canadian interpretation centre at the Vimy Ridge Memorial Park.

“Every intelligent person in the world felt that disaster was impending and knew no way of adverting it”
-H.G. Wells


…Words that echoed so many years ago still stand true to this day. 2018 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War One. The “Great War” as it is known, was slaughter on an industrial scale of which the world had never seen before. The British Commonwealth and its allies fought Germany and the Central Powers in a massive struggle mostly along what was called the Western Front. Tens of millions died and were wounded in the four brutal years of constant fighting. 

Canada answered the call to arms and through great courage and bravery placed itself on the world's stage as a major effective fighting force earning many victories for its allies. Sadly, over sixty thousand of our men died and would not return home to their families. Many more would carry the physical and emotional scars for the remainder of their lives. It was to be “The War to End All Wars”.



About the WW1 Centenary years

After over 30 years of service we have been providing to our valued Canadian Veterans and families, all of our first world war veterans have sadly now passed on. The one thing we promised their generation was that we would always remember them, and the sacrifice they made for us all. 

We have never forgotten the stories they have shared with us, the places they've taken us to, and the mind boggling hardships they endured. For this, we believe that it is our responsibility to continue sharing this incredible history with our fellow Canadians. 

We also believe that it is our responsibility to represent our nation on behalf of Canadians everywhere, who have either fought, loved, or suffered for the rest of us during this momentous
four year
remembrance. It is important to join them to show we remember, and that we will never forget. 


In the heart of the Gothic City of Amiens, overlooking the River Somme, stands the largest cathedral in Northwest Europe - the Notre Dame of Amiens Cathedral.  Despite being in the middle of the action in the first world war, this magnificent treasure was miraculously spared from significant damage.

Tour Info


Tour Dates: August 05 - August 14th, 2018

Destinations: Flanders - Vimy - Somme - Normandy - Paris

In remembrance of all the war dead we walk through these portals into the battlefields of Passchendaele, the city of Ypres, Sanctuary Wood and other battlefields such as the “Wipers” Salient. 

On this journey with us, you will be spending time visiting many of the battlefields that so many young Canadians fought and died at 100 years ago. Joining us will mark 100 years of Remembrance of the Great War, and 100 years to the day of the beginning of "Canada's Hundred Days". Many of our stops along the way will be holding memorials for all of the fallen soldiers. In Canada's Hundred Day Battle the soldiers fought with confidence and pride, knowing they were pushing the Germans backwards at an unimaginable rate. Sadly, with this great effort came great loss. In Canada's final 100 days approximately 1 of 5 casualties throughout the entirety of the Great War took place here.


We will travel the route the Canadian's took in their great offensive to deplete the German Army, as well stop at many of the battlefields where great Canadian victories took place. As well, we will visit the Menin Gate, in Ypres. Since July 1st, 1928, every night The Last Post Association has taken a moment of silence after playing The Reveille, and The Last Post representing a final farewell to the fallen, but also symbolizes the return to daily life at the end of the act of remembrance, and expresses the resurrection to 'eternal life' of the fallen. This Summer we will join the Last Post Association in never forgetting the sacrifice so many soldiers gave commemorating 100 years since the end of the Great War.


You will also be visiting the newly dedicated memorial at Vimy Ridge as well as the Somme, Thiepval Memorial and Beaumont Hamel

Join us this Summer, and explore the battlefields 100 years after The Great War and Canada's Hundred Days. Involve yourself in a truly global congregation to share a Remembrance like no other, and help us commemorate those who have suffered for our peace.



Tour Map & Highlights

Tour Highlights

  • View the German Cemetery of Langemark, otherwise known as "The Student Cemetery"

  • Explore the Canadian and American beaches of the famous Normandy D-Day invasions in WW2 

  • Beaumont Hamel: The largest fully intact, First World War battlefield in the world. It has been kept as it was and maintained by Canada. 

  • Visit the seaside town of Dieppe and take in where so many Canadians fought and died in what was called Canada's largest casualty day in WW2

  • Celebrate 100 years with The Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate led by the dedicated Ypres Fire Department & World Community honouring those who fought in the Great War

^^^ Explore by scrolling through the cities we will be visiting, and zoom in to get familiar with where we will be visiting on this tour


The Daily Itinerary 

-- Aug 04, 2018  | Group Flight Departure
Depart from Toronto’s Lester B Pearson International airport (or other major Canadian port) for your flight to Brussels. [Dinner and breakfast will be served onboard]

Day 1 -- Sunday, Aug 05, 2018 | A Warm Welcome to Flanders
Upon your arrival at Brussels International Airport, you will be welcomed by your battlefield tour guide, who will escort you to our coach and driver before we tour the short distance to West Flanders, Belgium. This afternoon we will take an orientation of the Ypres Salient Battlefields with visits to the German cemetery of Langemark, and the 'Brooding Soldier' at St Julien, to commemorate the first gas attacks against the 1st Canadian Corps in 1915. We end our introduction with a visit to Essex Farm, the place where John McCrae wrote the famous poem “In Flanders Fields”. Lastly, we stop in the medieval city of Ypres, also known as the 'City of Peace', for a brief orientation tour, before continuing back to Kortrijk for our welcome dinner together and an early night’s rest. [Overnight –
Kortrijk/Ypres Area (D)]


Day 2 -- Monday, Aug 06, 2018 | Exploring the Ypres Salient
We begin our day with a visit to the Tyne Cot Commonwealth Cemetery - the largest Commonwealth Cemetery, of any conflict, in the world. We will also explore the Battle of Passchendaele, with visits to the Passchendaele Museum, in Zonnebeke, and the Crest Farm Memorial, in Passendale. After lunch, we will explore the Hooghe Crater, and Hill 62 - a small area of the original battlefield and part of the Canadian Front Line. In the late afternoon, enjoy the chance to explore the historically rich city of Ypres at your own pace. We come together again for an early group meal in the heart of the medieval Ypres' Grote Markt. Tonight, at 8PM, we will witness the iconic and historic Last Post Ceremony, at the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, led by the Ieper Fire Department & the Last Post Association. In this last Centennial Year remembering the First World War, the Last Post Association promises their daily act of homage to be among the most memorable acts of remembrance that we will witness on tour.

[Overnight – Kortrijk/Ypres Area (B, D)]


Day 3 -- Tuesday, Aug 07, 2018 | Exploring the Last 100 Days of WW1 
We say our farewells to Flanders, Belgium this morning and depart for the Northern battlefields of France - but first - we will make a significant stop at the St. Symphorien Cemetery near the city of Mons. This is where the first and last actions in the First World War took place. Consequently, this is also where the first and last Allied casualties of the Great War are laid to rest. We continue our story of the Last 100 Days with a visit to the city of Cambrai, where we will stop for lunch and an orientation of the deeply rooted Canadian action, still visible in the scars of the city’s architecture. We continue further still, to Bourlon Wood, to see the memorial which commemorates the Canadian Corps’ crossing at the Canal du Nord on November 11th 1918. The stairs leading up to the memorial are lined with ancient lime trees that were nursed back to health after having been devastated by shellfire during the battle for Bourlon Wood. We finish our day in the city of Arras, where we will enjoy a group dinner together before our overnight. [Overnight – Arras (B, D)]

Day 4 -- Wednesday, Aug 08, 2018 | The Battlefields of 1917: Vimy Ridge & Hill 70 Today we take a tour to Vimy Ridge Memorial Park. It was on Hill 145, on April 1917, that Canada truly became a nation in the eyes of the world. Its troops combined and stormed Vimy Ridge after all other allied forces had failed to do so. We will tour the tunnels, trenches and memorial, as well as the brand new interpretation centre, which opened in Spring 2017 for the 100th Anniversary. Enjoy a locally prepared picnic lunch en-route. In the afternoon, we continue to see the new Canadian Memorial at Hill 70, where we will visit the brand new, and state of the art museum in Loos-en-Gohelle, which opened in the Summer of 2017 for the 100th Anniversary. Here we will be discussing the Battle of Hill 70 - sometimes dubbed as “Canada’s Forgotten Battle”. When our explorations of the battlefields are through, we head back to Arras to explore the French city at our own pace. With its many shops, cafes and restaurants, take the time to also enjoy dinner on your own this evening. [Overnight - Arras (B, L)]


Day 5 -- Thursday, Aug 09, 2018 | Exploring the Somme Battlefields 
We will depart from Arras this morning, journeying through the Somme region en-route to the city of Amiens. Our day will be spent exploring the Somme - making visits to the Memorial to the Missing at Thiepval, as well the preserved battlefield memorial park at Beaumont Hamel - dedicated to the Royal Newfoundland and Labrador Regiment who lost so many men on that first day of battle. After enjoying a locally made picnic lunch at the Old Blighty Cafe we will continue on to view the Lochnagar Crater, among one of the largest craters on the battlefields of the Western Front. We will also visit the city of Albert, where we will explore the Somme 1916 Museum, hidden deep underneath the city’s Romanesque Basilica. We will then head out to the gothic city of Amiens, for our dinner and overnight. [Overnight – Amiens (B, L, D)]


Day 6 -- Friday, Aug 10, 2018 | Dieppe  
Saying our farewells to the Somme region, we shift our focus from the First World War to the Second, heading for the French coast to the seaside resort town of Dieppe. We will first explore the Blue Beach at Puys, where we can view the gun emplacements on the cliff tops, which, on Aug 19, 1942, were responsible for such terrible Canadian casualties. We will then visit the Dieppe Canadian Cemetery before travelling to the Green Beach at Pourville. We will also view the main landing beaches of Red and White on the Dieppe seafront. Later, we will continue our journey to Caen for our hotel check-in, dinner, and overnight. [Overnight - Caen (B, D)]


Day 7 -- Saturday, Aug 11, 2018 | Normandy Beaches 
Today we will focus on the D-Day Normandy invasion. We will begin our morning with a visit to Pointe du Hoc where the cratered landscape of the German battery, taken by the US Rangers in 1944, can be observed. We will continue to Omaha Beach and the American Military Cemetery to discover the appalling difficulties required for landing on Bloody Omaha. After leaving Omaha, we visit La Chaos, the German offshore battery, which today sits relatively intact, even after 70+ years. This afternoon, we visit the Mulberry Harbors in Arromanches before heading back to Caen for another evening meal together.

[Overnight – Caen (B, D)]

Day 8 -- Sunday, Aug 12, 2018 | Juno Beach & The Battle of Normandy
We will begin our day with a visit to the Battle of Normandy Museum in Bayeux, offering the visitor an illustrative understanding of the decisive actions that were taken in the liberation of Western Europe in 1944. With a refreshed perspective, we head to the Canadian battlefields & beaches of Normandy. Our first stop will be to Verrieres Ridge to view the area where the Black Watch suffered severe casualties in “Operation Spring”. We continue on to the Juno Beach Center, dedicated to the 3rd Division landings as well as Canada’s full involvement during World War II. Before heading back for dinner, we will visit the Queens’ Own Rifles House, the first house liberated by Canadian forces when they stormed the beaches at Juno on June 6th, 1944. Our day will end with a solemn visit to the Beny-sur-Mer, Canadian Military Cemetery. [Overnight – Caen (B, D)]


Day 9 -- Monday, Aug 13, 2018 | Journey to Paris 
After checking out of our hotel this morning, we will finish our tour of the Normandy region with visits to see the Canadian Memorial Garden in the Abbaye des Ardennes, as well as Pegasus Bridge - where the 6th British Airborne landed, captured and liberated the first house in Europe, the Café Gondree. We will then take the journey down to Paris. As we drive into the city, enjoy a coach orientation tour with our guide, before a river cruise of the Seine and a visit to the Notre Dame of Paris Cathedral. Tonight, we will enjoy an early farewell dinner together at the Jardin du Notre Dame before checking into our hotel to prepare for our early morning flight departure. [Overnight – Paris (B, D)]


Day 10 -- Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018 | Group Flight Departure
This morning after breakfast we transfer to ParisCharles du Gaulle International Airport for our group flight departure home, [or take a personal travel extension to Paris/Brussels/Amsterdam].

[(B) Lunch and snacks served onboard]

Tour End.


-This itinerary may be subject to changes - 


Thinking about arranging a custom pre-tour or post-tour extension to your in Europe? We encourage it! 


Should you have any questions regarding your flight, insurance, or travel extension options, we encourage you to reach out to your local travel agent. If you don't have a local agent, contact our host travel agency: 


(Office Phone) 905-639-9954 
(Toll-Free) 1-888-597-3519 |  



^^^ Exploring the advanced dressing stations, at Essex Farm in   Flanders, Belgium

^^^ The Hooghe Crater near Ypres, Belgium

^^^ The Medieval Gates of Cambrai, France

^^^ The Vimy Ridge Memorial, France 

^^^ The new Hill 70 Memorial (pictured during the inauguration in August 2017) 

^^^ The Somme 1916 Museum in Albert, France 

^^^ The Beaches at Puys, near Dieppe. France 

^^^ Point du Hoc, Normandy, where the American Rangers landed on D-Day 

^^^ Juno Beach & Memorial at sunset 

^^^ The Notre Dame of Paris, just after sunset 

Minimum Tour Capacity:

25 Travellers per 50 seat coach

Maximum Tour Capacity: 

44 Travellers per 50 seat coach

Extending for a few nights in Paris? How about another European destination? We can help.

If you have any questions or special requests, let us know! 


This tour is fully customisable and comes with the following inclusions & exclusions:



Accommodations in Superior Tourist Class (3.5 - 4 Star Hotels)

Full-Time Experienced Battlefield Tour Manager

All Entrances as per your Itinerary

Executive Motor Coach with Washroom/AC/tea/coffee


Breakfast (B) throughout,

8 Dinners (D), and 2 Lunches (L) 


Online Custom Map Kit & Tour Resource & Info Guide

All surcharges, fees, and departure taxes

7 Lunches (L), 2 Dinners (D) + drinks with lunch & dinner

Single Room Supplement

Gratuities owed to tour staff (10EUR per person, per day)


Porterage (luggage handling to your room is available upon request)


Travel Insurance (please contact your travel agent if you need assistance booking medical or trip cancellation insurance)


Custom Travel Extensions (either pre-tour or post-tour) (please contact DH Tour or your travel agent if you need assistance with organising and booking)





$3550 CAD
$4800 CAD
$750 CAD

Land only - per person, based on twin occupancy

Estimated rate per person, based on twin occupancy including Group Air R/T from Toronto

Single Supplement

**Air is also available from all major Canadian cities - please contact your Travel Agent for more information**



Initial Deposit: $500.00 (of which $300 is non-refundable) to guarantee your space is due immediately
Your Remaining Balance: Due by Saturday, May 26, 2018 (70 days prior to departure)


All funds will be collected by our host agency, DH Tour. If you would like to use your credit card, our agency will collect your payment details over the phone after you have registered. DH Tour accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as cash and cheque payments. 

Personal cheques can be made to:

“DH Tour”

Attn to: Karen Burwood [Travel Manager]

Mail to: 2319 Fairview St., Suite 609, Burlington ON L7R 2E3

Please review our Groups Terms & Conditions before booking with us.

Where to go from here


Early registration is recommended for this battlefield program - This program will not be made available to more than 40 travellers, we suggest you register as soon as possible to hold your space


No payment is required to register - An initial deposit of $500 CAD ($300 is non-refundable) will be called upon to reserve/secure your spot.


Final payment is due 70 days prior to departure [Saturday, May 26, 2018]



Have questions about our tour program? Contact:

Tour Operator - The Battlefield Tours - SAMANTHA COWAN p: 1-877-449-6266


Don't have a travel agent and have questions about your flight or insurance options? Contact:

Our Host Travel Agent - DH Tour - KAREN BURWOOD p: 905-639-9954  e:


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