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Sam talks with Eric Brunt


The Battlefield Tours


28-year-old Canadian filmmaker, Eric Brunt, drove across Canada in search of veterans from the Second World War for his documentary "Last Ones Standing"

"Out of the 416 (veterans I've interviewed), I've lost 136, about 1 in 3; crazy eh? That's 32%." He tells me in our 30min video, "I knew this would be a race against time."

In this video, he shared some of the remarkable moments along his 2-YEAR journey to capture the last stories of our Second World War Veterans, and the discoveries he's made along the way are both fascinating and humbling.


Want to learn more about Eric Brunt? Support his documentary "Last Ones Standing" - he's hoping he can finish the film by the end of 2021 - he will need all the support he can get to get this tremendous feat up off the ground!

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