When can we travel again? ...A saga

In a blog post over at Connection Tours, we are talking with travel agents about the huge demand we are seeing for 2022 and what it's been like to book and re-book our space (hotel space, airfare, guides, etc.).

It's been an interesting ride, and we're excited about the future - but none of these bookings will matter if we don't focus on the most important question:

When can we travel again?

And what will it be like when we can travel again?

Cue the Kokomo song.

In this piece on our Battlefield Tours blog, we're laying it all out on the table for Canadian travellers and their travel agents - the hotel quarantine, the vaccine rollout, vaccination travel, to the industry phenomenon called "revenge travel" - are you ready?


^^^ On this day a year ago I was told I had to head home from Brussels. Coincidentally, it was to be my last trip with my old passport. We'd been through thick and thin together. I knew something big was happening, but who could have known the impact this selfie would carry a year later?


There's no word on when Canada's mandatory hotel quarantine will be relaxed, but it is apparent that this disaster of a mandate (1) will be correlated with the vaccine rollout - we speculate that by the end of April the mandatory hotel quarantine will be readdressed.

Vaccines in Canada are coming quickly, but not as fast as the vast majority of other countries around the world. (2)

Regardless Ontario has announced that they aim to have vaccines open to all residents that want it by June 20th (3). Across Canada, the forecast we've been given for the majority of the population is anywhere between July and September.

There is a window of opportunity to travel abroad and get the vaccine earlier - some places around the world are allowing non-residents to get their vaccine early - we all know of the CEO of Canada's pension plan, Mark Machin, who traveled to Saudi Arabia to get his vaccine (4), and although he felt political repercussions from this, other Canadians paid attention to the opportunity he harnessed. Countries much closer to us who have an oversupply of vaccines have agreed that they will allow non-residents to get the vaccine - places like California (5), aim to vaccinate anyone who wants it, regardless of your residency.

Vaccine tourism, like medical tourism, might be an option for many, as long as you are willing and able following the current regulations to travel to and from that destination safely, why not? If I could, I know I would harness the opportunity to get back to work as safely and as healthy as I could.

OK but how about after our vaccinations - then what?

We don't necessarily have clear instructions yet, but there's enough buzz to make an educated guess.

The Vaccine Passport

IATA - the International Air Transport Authority is pioneering a new app called the "Travel Pass" (6) which is set to launch real soon (they are hoping within the next week!). IATA has been working to seamlessly integrate this app with hotels, airlines, governments, and airports to allow vaccinated travellers to travel as freely as they did in the Before Times.

^^^ Travel Week has started to prepare agents

The app is currently being test driven by over 14 global airlines - so it definitely looks like the Vaccine P