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The UK to Dieppe Tour with historian David O'Keefe

Discover the highlights and best bits about this exciting exploratory tour as led by professor and historian David O'Keefe in 2022

Breathtaking footage of the seaside resort town of Dieppe, courtesy of Dieppe Tourisme ^


In the early waking hours of August 19th, 1942 - 5,000 Canadians, 1,000 British, and 50 US Army Rangers stormed Dieppe's coastline along six beaches. In less than 10 hours, a total of 3,367 out of the 6,086 were either killed, wounded, or captured.

To walk the ground of Dieppe today is to get the truest sense of this tragedy.

On this especially expanded tour of Dieppe, running July 2nd-July 11th next year, we'll travel from the U.K. to the shores of Dieppe alongside critically acclaimed historian and professor David O’Keefe.

You may have heard that name before - from History Television's War Junk to documentaries like The Black Watch Snipers, and Dieppe Uncovered, it's fair to say that if you're a fan of History, David O'Keefe has graced your television screen once or twice.

David O'Keefe & Wayne Abbot's have led them on many adventures ^

Or perhaps his name graces your bookshelf? His three critically acclaimed books, (including One Day in August, outlining his life's research dedicated to Dieppe), were Amazon's top 3 Canadian bestsellers this year for Canadian History in the 20th Century.

It is a huge honour to have professor David O'Keefe leading us on this adventure.

And what an adventure it will be!

Investigative explorations of the coast (pictured above, Puys Beach)

This is a custom battlefield tour, created for Canadians who wish to participate in a more explorative tour alongside our experienced team. We'll retrace the story from the UK to the coastal fronts of Dieppe and all that lies in between.

Of course, this means special visits to Bletchley Park, Aldershot, and Dieppe - plus, a beautiful orientation by the CWGC staff for us at Brookwood Cemetery.

A private visit at the Memorial Musee in Dieppe with Mr. Daniel Jaspart ^

In France, enjoy an extended lunch event at Les Arcades, a trip to see Daniel Jaspart at the Memorial Musee, and a chance to explore Dieppe's Alabaster coast by sail with Dieppe Voiles et Falaises - among many more important moments.

I'd argue that meals in Dieppe are among the most memorable meals in my life ^

Throughout our journey, we'll enjoy beautiful, superior-class accommodation and restaurants with some of our favourite local hoteliers and chefs. Big hugs owed to all of them, we miss them all so much!

A fine farewell at The Jardin du Notre Dame Paris ^

This tour also ends with a beautiful stop near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, where we will enjoy a farewell dinner at one of our most favourite local restaurants, Le Jardin du Norte Dame. (Ian and Didier will get a chance to reunite, it's going to be a really beautiful thing)

Seats for this tour are limited, and our Covid Risk Free Policy can help provide you with peace of mind.

Want to join us?

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