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The Normandy to the UK Tour with historian David O'Keefe

Discover the highlights of this exciting exploratory tour as led by professor and historian David O'Keefe in 2022

Footage along the Normandy Coast ^


It was the largest and most complicated invasion in human history. It has been said, the world as we've come to know it for decades, was decided in the fields and beaches of Normandy.

On this beautiful tour, running from Aug 3rd - Aug 11th next year, we explore the Normandy invasion and battle, from the bunkers on the beaches, to the homebase of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force - at Southwick House. See the D-Day Map, the marshalling areas, the barracks, and ferry passage alongside our experienced team, led by historian and professor David O'Keefe.

You may have heard that name before - from History Television's War Junk to documentaries like The Black Watch Snipers, and Dieppe Uncovered, it's fair to say that if you're a fan of History, David O'Keefe has graced your television screen once or twice.

David O'Keefe & Wayne Abbot's have led them on many adventures ^

Or perhaps his name graces your bookshelf? His three critically acclaimed books, (including the Seven Days in Hell series on Verrieres Ridge), were Amazon's top 3 Canadian bestsellers this year for Canadian History in the 20th Century.

It is a huge honour to have professor David O'Keefe leading us on this tour!

Investigative explorations of the coast (pictured above, Juno Beach) ^

This is a custom battlefield tour, created for Canadians who wish to participate in a more explorative tour alongside our experienced team. We'll retrace the story of the Canadian involvement in the greatest amphibious landing in history.

Of course, this means special visits to the Juno Beach Centre, Verrieres Ridge, the Queens Own Rifles House (Canada House), but also the D-Day Map at the Southwick House, the Portsmouth D-Day Museum, and the Bovington Tank Museum.

Accommodation in Caen (pictured above) Royal Hôtel Caen ^

Throughout our journey, we'll enjoy beautiful, superior-class accommodation and restaurants with some of our favourite local hoteliers and chefs. Goodness gracious do we miss you all so much!

A chance to head behind the scenes at the home of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force in the build-up to D-Day ^

Seats for this tour are limited, and our Covid Risk Free Policy can help provide you with peace of mind.

Want to join us?

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