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Syria's war is 10 years old. It's the only life its children know

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow - we recognize 10 years of war in Syria.

Did you know that the War in Syria is the most documented war in human history?

Did you know that there were more war crimes committed and recognized in Syria than there were against the Nazi regime 75 years ago?

Did you know that over 80,000 Syrian refugees live in Canada?

Perhaps, what's most poignant, is this video, posted last year (Feb 2020) to Twitter.

Last year, to distract 4-year old Selva, her father, Abdullah, made up a game.

Each time a bomb drops in Idlib #Syria, they laugh, so she doesn’t get scared.

I've never seen anything that simultaneously warmed my heart, and broke it at the same time.

"Do you hear the plane" her father asks? "Yes" she says.

"Do you think it's an airstrike?" he asks. "Yes" she responds. "We're going to laugh when it strikes," he says. The bomb drops, and they laugh.

Right now, CBC is doing a FANTASTIC 3-day coverage on the "As it Happens from CBC Radio" podcast. I recommend wholeheartedly listening to this podcast because I'm learning that there is so much in Canada we can do to help in the fight. People say the war in Syria is complicated, but that's not true. To think it's a complex issue is to turn a blind eye. It's simpler than we think, and in this incredible age of information, we have this understanding available at our fingertips.

As Canadians, with the War Crime Sanctions we have in our country, with so many Syrian refugees in the country, there's so much that we can do. Donate, Learn, Engage, Connect. Take a look at some of the wonderful references we've posted below.

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  1. The Tweet that first posted the video:

  2. The CBC As it Happens Podcast:

  3. The Syrian Task Force - DONATE LEARN ENGAGE CONNECT

  4. Omar Alshogre's TED TALK - the power of silence and the impact of listening

  5. Omar Alshogre's podcast (free on Amazon)

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