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Supporting Guardians of Memory this Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming - and what you gift makes a DIFFERENCE!!!!

The local communities on the battlefields are in need of much love this holiday season, now more than ever.

With a gift by donation, guardians of memory, such as Canada House, on the beaches of Juno, can continue on in 2022.

What a meaningful gift it would make!

Gifting a donation is an AWESOME holiday gift idea that you can still arrange for a loved one this year - it's a great way to share the love for our local Battlefield Community - just in time for the season!

Here are some wonderful foundations we urge you to support this Christmas:

Canada House Canada House - La Maison des Canadiens - Association needs our help next year. "Expenses to preserve the House and maintain our ceremonies are…huge" Gauthier Hebbelynck says. Find out how you can donate on their Facebook Page

Juno Beach Centre Association their wonderful work in education, research, maintenance and training, has been remarkable over covid, now more than ever, they need our support to continue their contributions on the shores of Juno Beach.

Old Grenadier Bookshop in Flanders Shop Online you can buy some really COOL stuff at Steve’s shop in Ypres, such as a WW1 British 18 pounder shrapnel shell and casing, or how about his wonderful coffee table book "Canada's Dream Shall Be of Them: Canadian Epitaphs of the Great War"

The Talbot House - in Flanders Fields - the iconic home away from home of the First World War survived the Second World War, and the legacy lives on, but the century-old house needs more support than ever going into 2022.

The Old Blighty Tea Room Shop Online buy a teddy bear and send a little love to this important and special little place in the heart of the Somme

The Legion this is a no-brainer, with your support, the Canadian Legion can continue to help all of Canada’s Veterans and their families, and military health matters.

Wounded Warriors Canada another no-brainer, provides mental health support for all Canadians suffering from trauma. An incredible initiative.

Whatt? Yes! Some of our favourite images from 30+ years of touring have been put on canvas - and ALL proceeds go to the Legion & Wounded Warriors of Canada.


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