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Let's Talk Christmas Shopping this year

Christmas is coming - and what you gift makes a DIFFERENCE!!!!

While travel may still be on hold, we MUST support the local businesses that make our travel meaningful - and why not get a REALLY cool gift out of it too!!!?? There are plenty of ways to bring a bit of the battlefield tours experience home this year, while also helping our friends in the battlefield community who are so badly in need of our support.

What a meaningful gift it would make!

Here's some AWESOME holiday gift ideas with items you can order this year from the local Battlefield Community.

Juno Beach Centre Shop Online the D-Day Map makes a great stocking stuffer, and their Christmas Poppy Ornaments are BEAUTIFUL!

Memorial Musee Dieppe Shop Online the wonderful comic book about the Dieppe Raid for kids is online to ship, they also have pins, medals, and jewelry

Old Grenadier Bookshop in Flanders Shop Online you can buy some really COOL stuff at Steve’s shop in Ypres, such as a WW1 British 18 pounder shrapnel shell and casing, or how about his wonderful coffee table book "Canada's Dream Shall Be of Them: Canadian Epitaphs of the Great War"

Vimy Ridge Interpretation Centre Shop Online the iconic over the shoulder Vimy bag is online for a reasonable price, and so is their coffee table book

The Old Blighty Tea Room Shop Online buy a teddy bear and send a little love to this important and special little place in the heart of the Somme

The D-Day Story Shop Online The Portsmouth D-Day Museum re-opened in 2020 for the 75th Anniversary to zero visitors - but boy do they have a cool shop to make up for it.

The Imperial War Museum’s Shop Online arguably, the IWM is in less need of support than the other shops above - but they still have some fantastic stuff, including my favourite Churchill Poster for as little as 6 GBP!

Whatt? Yes! Some of our favourite images from 30+ years of touring have been put on canvas - and ALL proceeds go to the Legion & Wounded Warriors of Canada.


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