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Livestream for the 79th Anniversary of Dieppe

August 19th marks 79 years since the morning of the Dieppe Raid. Join us and our community, early morning online, to honour the day.

At 9:00 AM EDT on Thursday, August 19th we'll be joined by historian and professor David O'Keefe, and Jayne Poolton Turvey, founder of the Every Man Remembered organization, and co-author of her father's book, Destined To Survive.

We have two Youtube videos with David O'Keefe talking about his experiences on Dieppe Uncovered, and a wonderful youtube video with Jayne - I recommend a watch if you haven't seen them already!

A couple of ways to watch:

- Like us on Facebook, and watch from our Facebook live starting at 9:15 AM EDT, you can comment in the chat!

- OR Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and watch from our Youtube live starting at 9:15 AM EDT, again, you can comment in the live chat

- OR join the actual Zoom call live, be on camera, join the discussion and participate - we'll be sharing our own personal connections to Dieppe, so think about it - What does this day mean to you? (only 100 participants can enter)

This live stream will be lovingly hosted by Jayne Poolton and David O'Keefe, a huge thank you to the both of them for their contributions, their hard work, and their personal passion for honouring the memory.

See you tomorrow everyone!

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