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Day 12 - Dresden & the Saxony Switzerland National Park

May 12th, 2015

<<<Today we had a change of pace from visiting military sites. We went from Dresden to the Saxony Switzerland National Park near Bastei to see these massive sandstone cliffs. Glen had warned us that people often have a hard time tearing themselves away from these spectacular vistas without having just one more look. He was right! We found the views breathtaking. Making our time there even more enjoyable was the sunny, 22 C weather!

Ruth Pearson

Today the group explored the Dresden Raids and Swiss Saxony. The group uncovered the tumultuous history of the great city of Dresden. As the seat of Saxon royalty, Dresden was unarguably Germany's most beautiful city. During the war it suffered almost complete destruction, however it has since been painstakingly restored to its former glory. In the Swiss Saxony area the group came across the Bastai, and rising to 1000 ft above the Elbe Valley it offered spectacular views across the Regional Park area. Sandstone cliffs that have been weathered into amazing shapes by the elements provide natural walkways and viewpoints.

<<<This is a beautiful town, Elba River and countryside down below taken from a lookout high above in the Saxony Switzerland National Park. Ruth Pearson

<<<Glenn described the destruction of an extenisve area of the city of Dresden and the staggering loss of life of ordinary citizens due to bombing by British and American bombers in the final months of the the war. Historical buildings such as these in the city centre were eventually painstakingly put back together like a jigsaw puzzle over a long period of time.

Ruth Pearson

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