Day 9: What we've all been waiting for - The Apeldoorn Parade

There's nothing that can prepare you emotionally for one of the very last days ahead of us. Nothing.

What makes this event even more emotionally charged is what everyone is saying: That this would be the final year of celebration with our liberators. The final commemoration for the Apeldoorn parade.


I wake up especially early and with my laptop in hand, start preparing for the busy day of organization ahead of me. As I hastily reply to emails and review schedules I eat a big breakfast on the far side of the room. Our boys are starting to come down, complete in their greys and blues, with the rest of our excited friends and family.

Among them, is a special guest, Jan Bos, an instructor at the Police Academy of Apeldoorn, who had made aquaintances with my father and the Battlefield Tours several years ago. Along the way he had helped me come up with resources, ideas and opportunities that had helped mould the tour that we were on today. It was a delight to have him join us, and as he clambered onto the bus to join us we made sure to give him a hearty round of applause. He would take the journey with us from the parade in Apeldoorn, all the way through until our farewell dinner that evening.


Keep Them Rolling

Our first stop was to drop off our boys, as they would play a huge role in the parade. As Frank, Bud, Ray & George got prepared for the ceremonies, our group was offered the chance to explore the vehicles as they were prepared as well. What a chance for us to have!

We quickly dispersed and started to explore the well kept military vehicles in line waiting for the parade. The vehicles were organized and maintained by the Keep Them Rolling organization.

The club was established in 1972, now with over 1,500 members their ultimate goal has never wavered: to preserve and restore military vehicles from the Second World War. The effort

"KEEP THEM ROLLING" is a cry often heard from allied troops in the Second World War, in an effort to ensure supplies kept moving to the front lines. This included fuel & food, that constantly needed to get to the troops on time. The association continues to hold several objectives to this manner including:

-Assisting in the organization of tours and processions in order to show to the general public the preserved material

-Give support to events organised by foreign associations, and guide with renovations and work on objects to be restored.

To see more pictures of the vehicles we were lucky enough to explore, click here and be redirected to our full gallery. >>>


The City of Apeldoorn