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Follow our Veterans on the 70th Liberation of Holland while at home in Canada

When we first posted about the 70th Liberation of Holland in January, we were overwhelmed by the responses we recieved. Over 444 shares, and 1,248 comments were made from families all across Canada speaking out on behalf of a family member or loved one involved in this great struggle to liberate the Netherlands from the extraordinary hardship they had faced.

Our post from that day in January was an example that truly marked just how many Canadians were affected by this unparalleled sacrifice. It is shocking to think that such a beautiful country filled was a wondrous and charming people was a very different scene a mere 70 years ago. It is even more shocking to see how that tremendous sacrifice had reverberated and affected many from every generation since that time.

Starting tomorrow, four of our Canadian heroes: Bud Weeks, Ray Lewis, George Skerkowski, & Frank Fordham will embark on an important journey along with thirty other Canadians who have all, in some way or another, been affected by the efforts put forth to free this country and make it what it is today.

Every day of our tour from May 2nd - May 10th, we will be sending our subscribers a re-cap of our daily experiences as they happen. So far - the miracles we have experienced have been shocking. [Read more about Bud's 2nd day on our pre-tour in Normandy]


For all of the Canadians we have left behind - and we know now that there are many of you - who had uncles, brothers, cousins, fathers, and friends - we urge you to FOLLOW US.

___________________________________________________________________ I first came on the 60th Liberation Tour 10 years ago [Take a look at my scrapbook from my experience back then] and have set out to develop a way to easily share our experiences this time throughout this very special itinerary. Every day, I will be sharing with you stories, pictures, & videos so that Bud, George, Ray & Frank can share their journey with all of us one last time.

Follow us at home in Canada, as we trace this special journey with not only the four of the men who followed it 70 years ago, but also with the Canadians of the next generation reaching out to learn more about their loved ones who weren't as lucky. We urge you to subscribe to our blog - and share with as many Canadians as you can - this special opportunity cannot go amiss - as we come together, 70 years later and look back at the tremendous sacrifice yes, but also the tremendous good that our forefathers had fought so bravely for.

I want to take this opportunity now to thank all of you, young and old, who've been affected by the liberation of Holland. It's hard to remember something we've tried so hard to forget - but the hardships, pain, suffering and sacrifice made by our loved ones won't be forgotten here, and nor will the celebration of what we have overcome.

I personally, am looking forward to it (albiet a little nervous!) Stay tuned Canada. This will be an important one.

Here are a few captions of some of the stunning comments we recieved from Canadians & the Dutch affected by the heroic sacrifices that our friends, brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, and loved ones had made for us - 70 years ago and we will never forget. We continue on to share their story.

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