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Recommended First World War Reading List

Recommending the best of Canadian War Fiction, in an effort to understand our First World War 100th Remembrance Day Tour in all of it's fascinating depth.

In light of the 4-Year World War I Centennial, with such a diverse battlefield community to reach out to, there’s no better time to put together a recommended reading list to prepare for our growing group of Battlefield Tours travellers.

Here is a comprehensive list of the books we think are fantastic reads to read in light of the Centennial Remembrance:

Aleta Dey - By Francis Marion Beynon.

This auto biographic nocel convey's a Manitoban womans struggles with changin social convnetions. All Else is Folly: A Tale of War and Passion - By: Peregrine Acland. "No more vivid a picture has been painted of what the war meannt to the average soldier" - Prime Minister Robert Borden Generals Die in Bed - By: Charles Yale Harrison The author, Harrison, recounts his controversial views of his experience fighting for the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The novel is often compared to Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front. The Wars - By: Timothy Findley Often quoted as "The finest historical novel ever written by a Canadian" The Wars tells a story of how the war robbed 19 year old Robert Ross of his innocence.

The Guns of August – B. Tuchman

The World Undone – Meyer

Stor of Steel – Ernst Junger

Vimy – Pierre Berton

A History of the World War – BH Liddell Hart

German Army at the Somme Pass – Jack Sheldon

At the Sharp Edge – Tim Cook

The Great War: A Combat History – Peter Hart

Somme Success – Peter Hart

Bloody April – Peter Hart

Pyrrhic Victory: French Strategy & Ops in the Great War – Robert Doughty

Hundred Days: The End of the Great War – Nick Lloyd

Wounded: A new History of the Western Front in WW1 – Emily Mayhew

A Mad Catastrophe: The Outbreak of WW1 & the Collapse of the Habsbury Empire – Geoffrey Wawro

The Zimmerman Affair – Barbra Tuchman

Generals Die in Bed – Charles Y Harrison

The Still Will Diaries

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

The First World War – Martin Gilbert

Make the Kaiser Dance – Henry Berry

Eastern Front – Norman Stone

Harlem Hellfighters – Max Brookes (Graphic Novel)

Hardcore History: WW1 Blueprint for Armageddon – Dan Carlin (Podcast)

Paris 1919: 6 Months That Changed the World – Margaret Macmillan

Goodbye to All That – Robert Graves

Testament of Youth - Vera Brittain

Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914 – Max Hastings

Tom Woods Show: WW1 Week - Tom Woods (Podcast)

Sleepwalkers – Christopher Clark

By: Samantha Cowan (

Have more books or recommended reading to add? LET ME KNOW!! Let’s keep growing this list!

Want to comment or give us a review of one of the books listed above? PLEASE! Let us know!

Comment below to grow our list, to better educate our ever growing Battlefield Community of travellers!

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