• Arjun Vaid

Rare and Incredible WW1 Trench Photography

A few years ago, Chris Hughes, an avid collector of vintage cameras in Niagara Falls Ontario, came across a century old Jules Richard camera containing a full set of incredibile pictures dating between 1915 to 1918, largely from the battlefields in France & Belgium.

What was so incredible about this find was that amatuer photography at the time was deemd an incredible breach of security. There was a large concern for trench photography showing the realities of war, as that would severely affect the support needed, and general morale. How rare it is to find images that could portray the rare glimpses of celebration, camaraderie, and day-to-day life, but also devestation, injury, and death.

[From Top] Burial of the dead. (Supplied by A Nerd’s World) Prisoners in Verdun. (Supplied by A Nerd’s World) Trench near Laffaux (Supplied by A Nerd's World) Mine explosion in eastern France. (Supplied by A Nerd’s World) Dead soldiers in Courcelles, Belgium in 1918. (Supplied by A Nerd’s World) A trench zigzags across France’s landscape, with soldiers peering out from inside. (Supplied by A Nerd’s World) The front line. (Supplied by A Nerd’s World)



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