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11 Livestreams in 11 Days

Honouring a week of Remembrance 2021

^^^ From now until Nov 10th Sam Cowan will hop on facebook + youtube to host 20min pop-up sessions with wonderful people in the Battlefield community - All in preparation for our National Day of Remembrance, 2021.


The year 2020 was the first time we were ever in a situation where we couldn't gather together. So for the most part, Remembrance Day 2020 was spent alone, in private, far from the friends and family with who we had always surrounded ourselves.


For me...sheesh, for many, it was tough.

So I decided, hey! Let's call upon 11 beautiful people in the battlefield community to help with a Remembrance Day youtube video.

^^^ For Remembrance Day 2020, I chatted with 11 beautiful people in the battlefield community for a Remembrance Day youtube video we put online - this year, I call upon 11 more, but this time, we're popping up live.


TIP: How to watch 2021 livestreams? 'Like' The Battlefield Tours facebook page or 'Subscribe' to The Battlefield Tours youtube channel to catch one live, or get the notification to view for later.

This year, again, I find myself heartbreakingly far from the Last Post.

So, this year, I again, extend this invite to 11 extraordinary individuals in the Battlefield community, to join me on a 1-on-1 livestream for our battlefield community.

The livestreams will be edited into another Remembrance Day video, which will be launched on our youtube on Remembrance Day.

From now until Nov 10th I will hop online now and again to host a 20min session with one of these wonderful humans - 'like' our facebook page or 'subscribe' to our youtube channel to catch one live, or get the notification to view for later.

The (3) questions I'll be asking this year:

- Who are you and what do you do in the remembrance community? - What is remembrance to you?

- What are you most looking forward to next year?

Dear friends,

I look forward to having the privilege and honour to chat with you all through Remembrance Week, 2021.

And in 2022?

Who knows, perhaps we'll see you in real life at the Menin Gate in Flanders.



About Sam


Samantha Cowan resides in Saskatoon, Canada, where she writes a host of special interest battlefield and military history tours for agencies and organizations across Canada & the US. She also hosts various webinars, as well as The Battlefield Tours of Canada Blog and Youtube Channel.

Her most notable multi-tour programs over the last 7 years include travelling with our last surviving Canadian Veterans in the Liberation of Holland Tours for the 70th Anniversary, as well as her work with the Every Man Remembered program, an effort to reach every Canadian family with a connection to the Dieppe Raid. She has also managed the Vimy 100 pilgrimages of 2017, the 100th Anniversary of the First World War programs of 2018, and the D-Day 75th Anniversary Tours of 2019.

Upcoming Tours

In 2022, we look forward to finally getting back to the battlefield tours, with special pilgrimage tours to the Liberation of Holland 75+2, Gallipoli Turkey, the Dieppe 80 Tours, and more. Check out 2022 >

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